Here are some words that escaped from my mind while I was preoccupied with important things like watching Swan Lake (Barbie style) with my granddaughter Madison. , age 7.

Swan Lake, Madison, and I

While the London Symphony Orchestra performs
Tchaikovsky's music and Barbie dances the ballet,
I watch my granddaughter's crystal blue eyes sparkle
with wonder at the enchantment of the fairytale love
of a prince for a princess.

I watch her, a wonderment, and I am enchanted 
by this love between a granddaughter and grandmother.
Her blond hair streaked with white and her smooth
young skin now kissed by the sun are a glorious
reflection of the beauty that lies within her sweet spirit.
She is beautiful.

Her dance is the dance of the clouds.
Her voice the voice of angels.
Her smile is the smile of my heart.
Quite simply, I adore her.

Oh, there are those times when I must say,
'No you may not eat peanut butter with your fingers'
or 'Try a carrot; its good  for you.'
There are those times when I want to cover my ears
if I hear one more whinny, "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease, Nana"
after I have said no more candy.
And then there are those times when she stumbles
across the living room rug that are not so graceful.
(She is a bit like her Nana).
But nothing will ever change this love for her,
this adoration, this connection
that surpasses my limited word knowledge.

Such pleasantness is sent from above.
This time is a time to cherish.
These moments watching Barbie Swan Lake,
lost in the music, surrounded by pure love
bless my soul and give me a little touch of Heaven on Earth.
All because of this angel named Madison.

Kathy Lockhart

Words by Kathy Lockhart
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Written on 2007-08-09 at 02:15

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oh!!! how sweet...someday i will write a sweet poem like this to my grandchildren...
lots of love

Awenlimobor Sylvester
very descriptive and analytic in its composition. You never cease to thrill me kathy

Beautiful, tender, warm, and shining!
These words leave a lasting smile on the reader's face :)

Rob Graber
I like the way this conveys the sensing of love as permanent and transcendent.

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
darling Katherine this is the most enchanting poem i have read in so many years it demonstrates you wonderfu llove for this little girl and I so want to part of that love for her this is a wonderful gandmamma love well done all mine michael xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxylk

Phyllis J. Rhodes
I can see this play out so vividly. Madison is truly one of the most beautiful little girls God has ever created. She is a head turner. And then she has those bashful, teasing charms that will melt you. This is such a great poem describing her. I can sit back and run it as a move across my mind.

Love these writes Kathy
very special...

Storybook quality.....


Joe Fern
One of the most beautiful poems i have read. Very, very eloquent, and very peaceful.


Pieces of Life
by Kathy Lockhart