The first two lines refer to poems i wrote when i first came to the site.

The Power of Pain

Once there was a feather
Then a woman on a stage
Life was worth the living
And expressed upon the page

Then love came to my door
And swept me off my feet
I flew with the angels
And laughed in heavenly streets

And now I am earth bound
With wings clipped then shorn
Stars glimmer above me
While I wander streets forlorn

Am I a writer of love letters
Or a poet dark and insane?
Maybe I am neither of these
Just a woman living with pain

For pain is often hidden
Behind emotional doors.
Open one and then the other;
Watch it crawl upon the floor.

As I stand above it,
I stomp on it in vain
For all I am doing
Is spreading out the pain.

So I will write of its power
And I will write of its worth
For I know that there's a Heaven
And one day I'll leave this earth.

There I will be united
With loved ones gone before
I will see the Heavenly Father
And live with pain no more.


Pain has its purpose. We must go through it to find out who we are without it. No matter what kind of pain whether physical, mental, or emotional, it is real and can only be measured by the one who is suffering.

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 1491 times
Written on 2008-08-28 at 05:11

Tags Loss  Grief  Heaven 

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magical as always...although i haven't seen much of my life yet i realised that pain makes the life worth gives meaning to cheers to your poem and cheers to pain.

lots and lots of love

Zoya Zaidi
'Pain is a doble edged sword',
I think this is the title of the poem i had written here sometime back...
And i stand by that even today: '-it cuts both ways...'
but, yes, it is neccessary too to know it, so as to realise the value of happiness, Love and satisfaction as opposed to it!
(((Hugs, Kathy)))

Colin Skilton
Hi Kathy how are you my darling?, have not written to you for an age but you are still in my heart.
Sadness indeed is the key to move on but also joy and love can be the key to move onwards and upwards forever.
I hope you find peace and love on this planet as well as beyond.

still moving, as always!!!

wonderful write as always Kathy, I think writing is a wonderful way of transferring your emotions to others, and you certainly do that. god bless Eddy

Phyllis J. Rhodes
This work of art reminds me of the story of silver and how it is processed. Were silver a living thing it would feel excruciating pain as it is made malleable and beautiful in the fire. A woman asked a silversmith how he knew the silver had been in the fire long enough and he said "When I can see my image in it." This is how God works through our pain to make us stronger and wiser and more like him. God always shines through your poetry. It has purpose and readers are always touched by it. This time of pain you are going through is producing some of your best work that readers can take to heart and use in their lives. Know it is also making you more and more like Him.

When i was born my dad wasnt around me so my uncle raised me, my uncle died when i was 5 years old. Althought my true biological father is alive and he loves me but i dont feel that i have a father, i learned one thing from the pain since i was 5. When ever i wanted to see my uncle i dreamt of him, i was young and i really didnt know what it meant when they told me that my uncle is died, i thought he would be gone for sometime and come back again, but when i came to reilize that he woul neer come back again, i cried and cried. One thing im doing right now, im making my uncle proud of me im making myself a better person for him, if he was alive he would have loved to see me become a better person. God bless your soul and i know one thing that i can embrace you from where i am right now. All those loved ones will unite with us again all in one heaven, i think about this way, god tok him cause he is a good person and god will reward me by uniting me with him again, im sure, have faith.

Love and Hugs,


to see the rainbow u need to live through the storm. Pain is very powerful it can make u want to die. But pain can be controlled to an extend..stay strong Kathy....Your poems are so great. Never leave poetbay. You are an outstanding poet

So true Kathy, we poets breath painful poetic truths and that is a blessing for us, our outlet onto the shores of humanity, to remind us what it is to feel! I am dealing with my pain today, relaxing, being with my family, eating and drinking to the future and the wonderful memories we have been left with....we pass on more than just memories to the ones we love the most....And as you say here so elequently, only we who have received such love quite understand the depth of the pain, that losing such love, leaves us with. We all deal with pain differently, but beware he who buries a timb bomb it will go off one way or another, only love can true deactivate such a devastatingly destructive device such as grief suppressed.

Hug from Tai, take care and just keep riding the wave....


Pieces of Life
by Kathy Lockhart