My daughter has suggested I make a series of these.

Dreams II

dancing through my dreams
the clouds are turning crimson
hens lay eggs with barcodes
no black and white this vision
a clown with jelly legs
who turns around to laugh
and signs from early childhood
a murky muddy bath
singing hallelujah
while the priest throws darts at me
my sins are cleansed in a white robe
now I'll keep better company
foxes turning into elephants
this zoo slips through sublime
and the organ grinder giggles
as I wake another time

Poetry by Eli The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2009-04-04 at 08:36

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I think your daughter is right! Obviously, you do too.
Thanks for yet another lovely dream!

melanie sue
This must have been fun to write! It sure was fun to read. I enjoyed this very much. Your daughter is right and wise beyond her years! Thanks for sharing this wonderful poem. :)


Twenty Dreams
by Eli