I am tired
of this endless monologue

My mind speaking to fictional you
My words typing across the screen
- to whom?

I keep speaking, expressing
years and piles of writing
up and down pages
my scribbles and self-expression
poorly done and in between a few jewels that truly speak what I want them to express

Boxes filled with me and how I see and have experienced the world

I am tired of this endless monologue
to someone that is not you

I am impatient
and humour myself with notions of being inclined to burn the whole pile

What is the use of expression?
if there is no one to care about reading

Poetry by SecretWords
Read 1501 times
Written on 2012-01-03 at 00:31

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ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Hear in the bay we gather in a circle ,
We of the bay we hear we listen ,
A monolog is not just spoken , exprest alone ,
To one pair of ears ,
Others are hearing , listening ,
When you are ready others will ,
Talk , smile , give council should it be needed
Ken D Williams

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night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
Ah, indeed, I 've been through that phase and I keep going through it now and then but each time a bit more equipped to deal with myself and my creations, my worldview and expectations etc.:)

it's a tricky but sooo exciting journey of self - discovery, keep writing, each writing experience is unique:) From time to time(After few years) I go back and read what I 've written, enjoy, smile and remember or enjoy, learn from my mistakes or edit what needs to be edited and so on. Thank you for sharing this personal moment.

Here is a thought, from me to you. Imagine that your monologue, even when you are alone, will be heard when someone listens, really listens(you just don't know when).

Because it is not what you say or have said(when alone or with someone else) but what you understood of what you said, what you and the outer world became the moment your eyes meet the empty page or when the next paragraph is waiting to be written or the moment

the eyes of the person you greatly love & respect meet your eyes(or the hypothetical version of that person:)

and the sum of all your monologues (that)exist inside you, manifests that moment; the moment your eyes meet. Your monologues even if you burn everything you've written are a part of you:) *no*matter*what*you*do* :D

You(I) create (my)yourself all the time, nothing is in vain . . . thank you for creating this place for me and the rest of your readers to stop, feel, think:)

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Rob Graber
"Is anyone listening out there?"

It seems to me that anyone who takes a little care to express herself or himself well is likely to find a listener or two here on poetbay. And there are more and more ways to get your work published.

"Boxes full of me" is a very good image, S.W..

I care for you
I see so much sorrow
being a Witch, I do have gifts
I do not know your religion, but respect all
Tell me if it is OK to cast you a spell of happiness.

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by SecretWords