Deep breath now
Don't look at me
not when we are surrounded by such beauty and importance

I am not her
not here to save you
not meant to be

What you feel is the the simple beauty of reality
of a perfect moment

Don't misinterpret it as true love
with me

It is so much more

Deep breath now
Don't look to me
look where I see

Poetry by SecretWords The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 936 times
Written on 2012-03-15 at 23:57

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John Ashleigh
I admire the movement crafted by the structuring. It makes it more crisp and powerful. Another well rounded poem. Thankyou for sharing this. *applaud*


"to Know" had the feeling of being in a quandary, not sure which way to go. This has the feeling of empowerment. This is decisive. And well written, of course, as are all your poems.


by SecretWords