dear god

Dear god are you there, 

can you hear my praryers?


This is my last attempt

and i pray with good intent


but i feel that my prayers

fall on deaf ears, 


looking up to the heaven sky

with years of no reply


i am alone, 

totally on my own?


surely you must be there

surely you've heard my prayers


for such a wonderful world

must come from only you lord




so why no answer 

not even a no


all i hear silence

in days after prayer


dear god are you there?

can you hear my prayers?

i need you to be there

i need you to hear


i need you 

but i cant seem to reach you


perhaps i am right 

and my prayers have 

fallen on deaf ears............

Poetry by montana
Read 547 times
Written on 2012-05-18 at 09:36

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Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
This reminds of the Psalms of David. He often started his poetry just as you have here; wondering where god was or is.
Poetry is spiritual and earthly and heavenly and natural and other worldly. It is all this and more. It is the expressions of the emotions and the translation of beauty, sorrow, ugliness, doubt, love, anger, fear; life in short and in whole.
How blessed to be able to create as you do. It is a godly thing to do--create.
I am drawn to you dear one. I feel a connection of spirit.
Keep searching, asking questions, and writing. Learning is living!
My best regards, Kathy :)


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