( Zephyrs )

Lyric Hear

      ( hear )
I've forgotten to count the days a g a i n
That come and go on a heavenly stair,

They're fields of Sun and e v e r so much r a i n
Sometimes I see address storm on my chair,

Lyric 'tis so comforting with these riddles winding round
Tree roots ancient as the sky flourishing deep underground,

       ( clear )
Please visit me the Night's r e f r a i n
Scenes to be pouring r i v e r s through your hair,

And if you wear that Alice dress 
Grace may sing her soaring song
Until the roof leaves all walls become a sail
An angel on a Zephyr in the shape of a wheel
Unfurls a wing to hold you near
As lyrical as you appear,

Lyric...Lyric...L y r i c
       ( here )

Are the daylight fields reaching ever outwards
Shall we visit when the '4' O'clocks display
To wander through the deeper blues
I hear their whispers calling, beckoning
The secrets from your lips as though to say,

L y r i c lyric l y r i c
        ( hear )

Poetry by Chaucer Whethers The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 1126 times
Written on 2012-12-08 at 23:44

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Dear Ghost, Loret.
by Chaucer Whethers