Came back to this site after years ....just to gauge any progress in my poetry over this time...:)...thank you..feel free to compare it with my previous works..


Up from the sky a drop of rain,
Splashing down to oblivion,
Ripples of water that arise and spread,
And rises too a strength from this void,
From the stillness, a rage,
Wings great to fly again,
I see a rainbow ride the horizon,
A swarm of fairies dwindle close by,
Magician’s wand spewing all the beauty,
Before comes down the fairest of them all,
Then she transcends above the cradle of colors,
Beneath the light that comes hither from heavens,
In chariot of my dreams,
Clothed in sheets of mystery,
I spread my wings, hold my breath,
For now I get to dance with this angel divine,
The sky lightens with glow around us,
Blissful chimes grace the air,
Embraced by the warmth of the moment,
Round and round,
Forgetful of the time we move,
But slowly it all ceases to be,
I see her hand waving and fading,
The lights, the sounds, the air festive,
Diminishing before my sore eyes,
I look again into the treacherous horizon,
With hope I sigh,
And wait for the rains to come again!

Poetry by sagi
Read 745 times
Written on 2013-03-29 at 22:44

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I haven't read your older poems, but this is rich and lyrical, even lush. So many of the poems we read (including my own) are brief, perhaps too brief to provide much of a picture, leaves too much to the imagination. This is in a different vein, and nice to read.

Commentally Ill
*taps foot* the rain's not coming, but the snow should be here any second now, weatherman said so. never thought of a wand spewing before, what do you suppose magic would have to vomit up? maybe that's where fairy dust comes from?



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