Bark Doglas enter the fray.

The Pan Asea Caper iv

For a moment or a few Coping listens to the static moonlit tides rolling in from the digital cell receiver through the bones of his inner ear, getting lost somewhere in his soul as Polly's parting words recede from hearing like waves felt beyond seeing.
His partner lying before the fireplace on a throw rug which is emblazoned with the great seal of Pan Asea and chewing on a rum soaked dog biscuit, (an especial favourite tidbit)
wrinkles a sensitive nostril by way of acknowledging Coping's curious demeanour.

Bark Doglas, (the aforesaid partner) is rumoured by certain wagging tongues in the open all night kefir cafes of Pan Asea to have once been a drug sniffing canine in a department of FEDGOV, The DEA to  specify,(hush hush stuff, stay tuned.) When Bark was a puppy he would not stop barking for days after having been exposed to the original Spartacus movie. Later his original owners determined that any movie featuring Kirk Douglas had this effect on young Bark.

Yes Bark was a shining star in the drug sniffing dog fraternity. It all went south for Bark one year during an extended deep cover assignment supplying weapons to the Mexican crime cartels in exchange for plane loads of Central Pan Asean Kefir, pure and uncut.
Bark's role was to sniff each payoff before it was loaded for shipment to the heartland. He was a hard worker and very dedicated in those days. The most decorated dog in his division. A little too dedicated it turned out. Yes old Bark developed quite a taste for sniffing kefir. Went to his head as they say. Bark maintained an adequate FEDGOV front for the duration of that assignment but the discipline had started to slip.
Bark's next undercover job was as a seeing eye dog for Marlee Maitlin at an Academy Awards Show. At the after party he had a cartel post traumatic stress episode which reached an epiphany when Bark bit Brad Pitt on the butt. The excuse was that he ' just wanted to see what success tasted like.' At the debriefing Bark's section chief Ranger Rover simply wagged his head and said, "no butts Bark." But Bark totally blew his cover when William Hurt came running from across the room brandishing a samovar of Beluga caviar while shouting, "she can see, she can see, where's my copy of the script?" Bark jumped up on the table where all the Oscars were displayed and recited one of Kirk Douglas's moving Spartacus soliloquies.
The next day Bark was 'allowed' to resign from the agency with a generous pension.

So Coping who had been assigned to the internal investigation preliminary to the DEA discharge of Bark in his DEA glory days became convinced that the problematic canine was actually a sort of inspired, mad genius and  offered Bark a role as a security contractor working out of his office. One never knows when the expertise of a kefir sniffing canine may become invaluable given the crime pattern structures of Pan Asea.
Coping shrugs his shoulders while taking a deep breath and exhales musingly as though to remove a lingering perfumed fog of Polly Myrrh from the lungs of his imagination.
He then clicks on a digital album entitled Random Art on the office sound system. This is an album by Pan Aseas most popular musical artist Arthur Garfunkel in which Artie randomly expounds upon geopolitical/one world government themes to the background score from 'Bridge Over Troubled Waters.'
Bark starts to work on yet another rum soaked treat while fantasizing he is the living reincarnation of Spartacus and considers paying a visit later that evening to Ms. Nomere.

Shadows flit through unthought of doors over aways cross grained time rhymes.

Homily Anyone sits another empty cup of Cyanide down on an ages old oaken kitchen table.
''You brew an incomparable cup Everlorn. Now shall we read some things.?"

Poetry by Chaucer Whethers The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2013-10-03 at 23:02

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The Pan Asea Caper
by Chaucer Whethers