Bark Doglas experiences rapid eye movements, ( s l e e p )

The Pan Asea Caper V

Bark Doglas dozes on the Pan Asea seal rug as Random Art plays in the background it's ambient drone fragmenting subliminally into abstract series of celluloid dream frames playing upon the screen immanent in the retired DEA canine's brain.

'laudanums and geraniums, welcome to The Pa Laver of the people for the people buy and sell the people talk radio show.' Pa Laver appears to be somewhat of a cross between Mr. Haney a character on a middle twentieth century earth televised sitcom who sells things no one wants or needs at prices no one in their right minds would pay and a TV evangelist proven wondrously adept in the art of entreating the emotionally confused semi-literate masses with an especial emphasis on grieving widows and recovering lifeaholics to donate any spare cash at hand for miracle healings and prosperity.
'Welcome, welcome welcome if you please a new sponsor to our little home town hall show this evening. When you turn in at night tuckered and tired from not looking for work all day without two thoughts to rub together in that pitiful excuse of a persimmon too soured and abused to wear the monicker of brain and you done all but lost the will to chug down just one more quart of your fave rite piesan afore floundering off into that ole quagmire ditch of incoherence and incontinence?.
Could be it's time to add a little InstiGator to your daily liquid dietary intake. Yes my fiends Thass  right for a limited time only The Pa Laver radidio listing audience can take advantage of this special offering. Now you may be a askin' out there, now just what in the name of unholy Cain is this InstiGator product and what do it do? Well hold on to you little houses just a gone dog my newt, ( gofer mint willin') Ole Pa here is about to regal you at home with some earth shatterin'
tidbits of valuable infonation. The scientist fellas over at The Big Poppa Gander corporation have just come out with this brand spanky new revitalizin' formulas they call InstiGator. Compounded from the genetically reengineered DNA of prime swamp grown Pan Asean alligators InstiGator is available in both powdered, pill and capsule form. Lost the will to rally against anti-gov propaganda? InstiGator will reignite them dried out paytreecotic incinerations. Sick&tired of your neighbor bad mouthing the noble intentions of the federal banking system foreclosing on the homes of people who went and got themselves loans they had no way of repayin'.? New&improved InstiGator will have you shooting God's own troops from the ever lovin' rooftops! So get out them FEDDEB cards and call this soul free number 1800-666-6666 to order your InstiGator NOW. (InstiGator test results are proof of fools, no test dummy subject can be rejected so long as they bear the mark sufficient of Beelzebub The Mighty Gov. Of Govs.)
Bark Doglas runs in place through diasporas of dreams while digesting a belly full of Rumdog biscuits. Random Art switches subliminal tracks and begins to expound upon themes of the natural realm encroaching on the military industrial corporate government complex and measures in play to expedite the extinction of the offending species. Somehow universes coalesce into brightly tinged spirals of matter and anti- matter screaming like a holy ghost, "come one, come all to the ark&cross, be healed in time from time outside of time and mind." A gleaming white feather brushes a biscuit crumb from Bark's nostril, a scent of vanilla almond cyanide in the air may be faintly detected. God given e y e s of Gray contemplate A L L from an indeterminate distance. Everlorn is. Yes indeed she is brewing a fresh pot.

Poetry by Chaucer Whethers The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2013-10-16 at 18:27

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The Pan Asea Caper
by Chaucer Whethers