Don't read this if you suffer from depression.

Inside Out

Alarm chimes repeat ghost signals, electronic code
Calling forth the dreamer, from under alien skies of night
Surfacing the swimmer out of the depths of storm strange caves
Objects, symbols attach to:follow you back to the other world
Cloister about sub-audible hummings reverberate a coffee cup
Spoon dark matters into baskets of conjectured day appears
Stranger wearing blandly evil masques of commonplace
Erects the usual idols of anaesthesizing repetition,
Mundane idols promote themselves from panels grafted into brains
Talking of the state as religion spewing lines of horribly hollow lies
The only possible premise, justification of mass deception and victimization
Woven into Orwellian news cycles by the worker drones of 'NewSpeak' press
Trotting forth yet another Golden Calf to worship what a laugh another warship
To be launched to protect the freedom of the Common Man
'Life, Liberty and The Pursuit Of Happiness,'
Scenes in an inverse mirror facing another inverse mirror
Creating an uncrossible line between the ruler and the ruled
Are drawn ever thin and downwards by false gravity which bends
The promises of simple air and light into grotesque distortions of themselves
Hollowing away the substances of self from the inside out.

Poetry by Chaucer Whethers The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2013-11-20 at 13:03

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Book Of Night
by Chaucer Whethers