As she walks away,
oblivious to the eyes that follow,
to the last of vanishing shadows,
unaware of the tears that drop,
words that stop and donot flow,
hands that donot wave ,
feet that stagger as they turn around,
catching her fading glimpse,
with her every passing step,
thoughts that embrace the sorrow,
fear that grips his being,
the pain of it all,
too real to grasp,
too precious to let go,
his eyes close,
darkness envelops,
his breath ceases,
a realization prevails,
hands quiver their way up,
a crooked wave to the lost moment,
eyes see blankly ahead,
smiling as his mind escapes,
to the days goneby .....

Poetry by sagi
Read 766 times
Written on 2013-12-01 at 16:29

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The Three Realms, 'Heart'
by sagi