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The Great Cash Cow Caper or ( They Were Just That Good )

Once upon a time a band of merry misleaders descended from the royal high castle to seek a very special herd of cattle from the fields below. These were no ordinary cattle the exalted ones sought
oh no not by much and a long shot. It was the fabulous Cash Cow, nothing more or less which the far seeing visionary mojo hoodoo muck mucks looked to find.
Well now children, once this wise band of blithe misleaders had rounded up all the fabulous speckled and spotted Cash Cows to be found anywhere in the land they forthwith did proclaim a National tax be levied upon their humble minions whom consisted by in large and mass of untutored,unwashed and very humble hardly working Bolshevik peasants.
Aforesaid taxation being for the purpose of constructing a monumental golden barn in which to 
house in luxurious privilege this exalted herd, a building worthy of such vision as possessed the souls of such royal misleaders.
Oh my but how the peasantry rejoiced at the news scroll of the Cash Cow levy by promptly indulging themselves in endless rounds of drunken debaucheries ceasing only so long enough to pass out, get sick or die afore continuing in fresh pails of rejoicings. The wise, kind, pure hearted misleaders did nod their heads and their eyes twinkled in jolly approbation at the peasant hi jinks and antics. So pleased were they that another expedition was soon on their agenda. They were just that good.

Poetry by Chaucer Whethers The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2013-12-03 at 00:12

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