I remember still
the first time that I saw you
watched you walk away

leaving behind a storm
and a man spellbound
your smile, my total surprise
 every moment a pleasure
 each word a melody,

I remember still

 a laughter that echoes 

in corridors we once stood,
 the life  that embraced us, 
and we its summer fervor,
its romance , its foolhardy plays,

never to anticipate any tragedy,
never to feel our emotions dip

 I remember it well,

the journey, company and destiny
of the times when we were young
of the times fallen in love

of  the greatness achieved,

and the egos lost

of fires stirred , promises made

plans argued, paths laid


 I remember it as well,

when the misery fell,

when colours faded and life withdrew ,

when I lost all that was you,

 when the greys reigned supreme 

and sky more morose than the winter hue,

when all that once bloomed with grace,  

now reached it's unfortunate rot and decay.








Poetry by sagi
Read 791 times
Written on 2014-01-31 at 14:27

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