life on the other side

I came across a vast land

driving through the dusty lanes

as an absconder to the colors,

as a fugitive to the prevailing order,

as random as a dust ball

in an unbroken straight fall,

to a place, hard and unyielding,

furrowed and cracked,

like an old country hag,

unbent, unconquered and untamed,

This place  with a quality insane,  

Dwarfed to the surroundings, I felt,

down to the sweltering grounds  as I knelt,

A lifeless haze spread as far as the horizon went

In a crystalline image of Sweet Lord's hell

My existence now not an existence

My presence here not a presence

In this great show of the elements galore

In this prestine desert with its summer grandeur

My boots sank deep beneath me ,

the treachery of the sands not so concealed,

A stinger I saw on a rock ,a fearsome bum, 

not nearly enough however for the claws above,

A rattler in its ambush zone,taut and ready,

unaware of the changing game and strategy,

Death, extraction and preservation

The order of the day, of low and of lofty

The selfish and arrogant as if reigned supreme

Nature seemd like a devil's playground,

or perhaps an amalgam of everything unholy?

In the hindsight however, now that I see,

My eyes myopic ,my vision meek,

couldnt fathom the claws that fed the hungry,

or the new bloom under the blighted carcass,

or the energy sweeping across the expanse,

from dust to dust, and pheonix in between,

 Death dictates life, and life, death,

Call it black or white, the yin or the yang,

In the darkest hours light does appear,

In the brightest skies sun does get eclipsed.



Poetry by sagi
Read 1082 times
Written on 2014-02-10 at 20:25

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This is magnificent! The feeling it creates and the visions it forms become real to the reader. Overwhelming!


The Three Realms,'Mind'
by sagi