The usual.



 A thought

in an abstract,

swells with energy,

almost complete,

a piece in 'the plan'

visible,clear as day,

it's precise alignment,

it's equilibrium,

of mergence,

of union,

the marvel,

that is,



Before Sanity,


before daily order

innate, inner reality,

reigns in 'superfluous' ,

fear grips festivity,

passwords , locks replaced,

hidden tears,damp pillows,

 fake smirks,silent sorrows,

egos combined ambitions,

love is vanquished!

love dies

the usual.




Poetry by sagi
Read 694 times
Written on 2014-02-24 at 00:41

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It is basically a mirror which distorts, a mirror in between love and no love. What is the mirror?
yes It is dry, i didn't want to put in much color.
Thankyou Ivan for the lovely words.:)

Ivan R
Both a hymn and a no, to love, as I read this,
it has great sentences, a lot of interesting cries,
but a bit dry, though ...
does the poem negate itself?

Great read*


The Three Realms,'Soul'
by sagi