Dervish is an eastern spiritual(Sufi)figure. Characterised by devotion to God's Love, patched long robes/frock and a whirling entranced dance.


I saw a figure,

Frozen in time

Merged in white

Oblivious to the surrounds,

Free from earthly bounds,

As old as hills

Robed in bits

His eyes,

an embodiment of peace

His movement,

a true artform

His voice,

a vessel of love

in congruence with above,

afloat in eternal flow,

washed in heavenly glow.

He cared for no Heaven nor Hell

or If the sky suddenly fell,

Annihilation his only desire,

in path to his Beloved,

and a gaze of admiration ,

as he whirls himself to void...


Poetry by sagi
Read 651 times
Written on 2014-02-25 at 15:52

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