I see gold,
and golden places,
stiff necks and fledgling souls,
I witness mangled bodies,
Beneath mammoth towers,
 few perished with hunger,

and up this urban grey,
 some with gluttony, 

Behind some smiles,
I know the ones broken,
For few dreams fulfilled,
The thoughts silenced,

I hear in my city,
voices of those,
who seldom sleep at night,
A day's toil brings little less
their children coil up in a corner,

sleeping a  night that never ends,

I see modern justice,

I observe a cunning culling,

of the people, by the people, for the people. 



Poetry by sagi
Read 863 times
Written on 2014-08-15 at 19:28

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Ivan R
This poem could mean alot, it's something that the poet is disturbed by, but it is not outspoken, but the feel of it is clear, that the people of a lesser God are everywhere, with poison and with no good. Great speach

Greed is a terrible thing and excess of money seems to change people, make them less caring for those who don't. The world is turning more and more that way. It's a very sad world we live in and this is a very good poem to point out, like you say it, a 'lesser god.'


The Three Realms,'Mind'
by sagi