As we move along,

slowly, surely 

lesser I hold of us

and in the days to come,

I am afraid,

Each passing moment will bring,

fewer things to remember you by

From vivid to haze,

then to a straight murky phase,

as I glance behind,

a memory at a time,

In a fading motion,

In bits, in a slow erosion


One day we will,

cease to be,

Never to know



Poetry by sagi
Read 914 times
Written on 2014-11-28 at 02:23

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This is so sad. Sometimes, even if it's painful, I think we want to hold on to a beautiful memory as it slowly blurs away in the memory. I think I'd like to hold on to it with all my heart and painful and al,l I'd want to visit those uniquely magical moments ... but then I suppose it's best to move on, if there is no hope.


The Three Realms, 'Heart'
by sagi