And they said,

sing to the day's merriment

Concoct something true

Mould an object of light

A verse in shiny hues

Some words to enthrall, 

you and us all

Little did they know,

of a blighted carcass,

in a casket of belief

lying rotten beneath,

A tombstone

With glitter

and amorous sheen.








Poetry by sagi
Read 1266 times
Written on 2014-12-01 at 01:03

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No matter what one's belief system, death in its physical form is not a pretty sight. I understand that most wild animals go to some remote part of the woods when they are dying--a very private affair. Western society tries to cover up the whole process of dying. It's hard to grieve if you don't know what you're grieving for.

Profound verses. Thanks.

This is so beautiful and dark. Hinting at meanings we can only guess at. Wonderful work. I love the sounds as I read it.

BM Barde
Dark meaning handly penned in hues lightful, great you!, i gleefully enjoy ur usage of beutiful words to tell an ugly felt.


The Three Realms,'Mind'
by sagi