Smallest coffins are the heaviest. 137 little angels preyed upon by wolves.


Do not cry,

today, atleast try

My mother

today as you receive

me for a last time,

clothed in white

do not  despair,

the cry of the wolves,

I am far away,

far from death,

you gave me life once,

A gift of a thousand smiles,

so let me be,

what you always desired,

for me, to shine an eternity,

at least try.

My mother,

today, please do not cry.



Poetry by sagi
Read 939 times
Written on 2014-12-16 at 17:56

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Very poignant and sad. Have you thought of incorporating that powerful introductory line about the small coffins into the poem itself? It is pure poetry.

So very sad! So much tragedy. No parent should have to live through a child's death and there has been much too much of that happening. A very touching poem beautifully written.


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