(Polly Nomere or is it Lady Everlorn? One never knows about such Lights in The Dark.)

Chance Meeting In The Dark

"The Light is almost g o n e," he said," don't recall the world ever being this dark. Isn't it Time to go, Lo?"
She drew a glowing purple tipped 'Angel Wing' cigarette from her Good Will gladbag with long, pale hands and with a knowing smirk replied, " it's alright, I got o n e . "
"Clea r ly," said he into the swallowing shadows.
As she smiled with a smile like a riddle wrapped in
mysteriously lovely song.
She winked walking away along a ghostly path of light blue silvery notes threading betwixt the moonbeams,
"I'll be up here in the woods a way s for a few, where you may reach me if you know h o w . . . "
Light was her laughter, deep in the Light.
"The Light is never gone," she said," though it sometimes
may appear difficult to see."
"Fascinating reflections, The River appears filled with illuminations."
She exhaled a shimmering ring of purple enveloping
The North Star in notes too fine for an earthly tune
truth to tell, on her way, up t h e r e .
Sometimes late in the middle evening when the sky
weeps shooting stars like brilliant raindrops if he
listens ever so closely to his inner ear he can
almost hear her
singing somewhere soft and still, still
as the shadows that fall from her hair so long into
your heart.
"Hush your heart now Love," she sings," Soon it will be
L i g h t . . . as she walks t h r o o o u g h (dreams) shining smoke rings out into Das Nicht.

Sonnet by Chaucer Whethers The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2015-01-31 at 11:01

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