Inspired by a poem 'Woh jo hum main tum main Qarar tha' ( The pledge of love)by Urdu poet Momin Khan Momin


Once in this lifetime,

Between you and I

there was

a brief acknowledged familiarity,

a touch of fondness

a glow of happiness

and a secret path

to endless nights

unspoken pledges


I wonder with a heavy heart

 Days, months, years and decades

stand between you and I

I still remain

perched on the same very step,

where you left

Today I wont lament

as our eyes meet again,

will only inquire, a fleeting check,

If you remember it at all?








Poetry by sagi
Read 868 times
Written on 2016-02-06 at 13:56

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Poignant. It grips at the heart, yet it. Is gentle and tender. The simple question at the end that can bring tears to anyone who has loved deeply. I love this poem with its simplicity and emotion. Will bookmark to read often. +


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