Written for a prompt to write about pancakes at a creative writing club meeting. It was National Pancake Day.

saharan pancakes

we never made pancakes
with chocolate chips
and blueberries
(it was either one
or the other)

i always wanted to try it,
the chocolate would probably
meld with the blueberries,
creating a strange combination

the oil sizzles
in the cast iron pan
(it's a family heirloom
from my grandmother from the old country)
someday i'll leave it behind
when i move to another world
and adopt a new family
and new world views,
it's not good to stay
in one place too long,
everybody knows this

i slowly decay,
my brain frying
under the sun
of the saharan desert,
i reminisce about pancakes
as i descend
into incoherence

(the sand looks like butter)


Poetry by Thomas Perdue The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2016-03-12 at 06:22

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I think pancakes with blueberries and chocolate chips would be a delicious combination and will surely give anyone a sugar high that will make him feel like he is in the Sahara desert and make sand look like butter. By the way, don't lose track of that cast iron frying pan, they cost a fortune to buy now. This was fun to read.:-)