This is a story that has haunted me since i the spring of 2003 rode the sub-way (die U-bahn) for the first time in my life, and when I spotted this seemingly transparent girl in the crowd, with a certain look upon her face and dreamy eyes that i have not

she's waiting

She was wearing a blue T-shirt
saying "Ich Liebe nur in November"
when I passed her on the subway today.
It is like I cannot remember her, not really,
smudged around the edges, a ghost, like someone who wasn't there
Not really.
She was waiting, it seemed,
for a train
that never came
Or perhaps something entirely different
I don't know.
Perhaps was she a-waiting another season, another time
or simply waiting for the return of a love long lost.

The girl in the blue shirt
never looked at me, even though I looked at her
and lost two whole trains.
Her eyes, her eyes
never lost focus on a point in the wall
on the other side of the tracks, if it was not the tracks
themselves that attracted.
They were blue, those calm eyes, matching her shirt and a wave of hair
blond as the yellowest cornfields in the driest of deserts,
a wave of messy hair framing a small and fragile face.
This invisible girl, whom no one else, it seemed,
could see
stood in the midst of the tide of rushing people
like the small isle in the mighty sea.
A stranger. Forgotten.
Perhaps she was waiting
perhaps not
Perhaps needed she only a place to stay, on bare feet.


When I now yet again stand put on this platform,
she is no longer here
That was not to be expected,
hopes aside.
I wonder if her train came
or if she did not love just in November, but also now
in the early of May.
Perhaps she just disappeared, like fog from a window
and hopes in a dream
Perhaps was she never even there.

Poetry by muddy waters
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Written on 2006-05-09 at 10:49

Tags Girl 

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Zoya Zaidi
Brilliant is the only word that comes to my mind right now; must return to this again to savour it better.
(((((HUgs for an exquisite piece)))))
xxx, Zoya