I wrote this about the agony of daily life. J

Edge of Life

One of my fav's that I wrote. Hope you enjoy this> J

Edge of Life

The best of life,
Found inside,
My snow covered mind;
Like the gray hair
On the wisest man
Who sings like the dove
Mourning the newest dawn.

Adieu, the edge of life,
Perhaps the fear
Of sad tomorrows
Outfitted with strife;
Noises behind the bar,
Intoxicating mind bombs
Blowing away throttled senses.

Nestled within the granite rock,
Tiny peeps announce the dawn,
As the speckled shell breaks;
Wet feathers, dry feathers
Sheltered existence, oh my!
Wealth bestowed, instinct
Grown within the beaming heart.

Poetry by JK Fisher
Read 632 times
Written on 2016-07-16 at 11:30

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Beautiful simply beautiful

JK Fisher
A decade ago, so many friends on this site kept my soul and heart beating in sweet harmony. Thank all of you. J