Part 3 : Meeting of Sin

Amber glides over trees that glimmer as if magically transforming, yellow, green, red and many more.
Her joy building as the rush of it all lay below Her and the power flowing through everything, bonded with Her.
Then, Her eye caught a most interesting sight that swam and played in the flowing, churning water.
Landing oh so gently, softly behind the large jagged boulder,She froze like a goddess statue.
Amber's beautiful green eyes could not be distracted from Him, taking in every flex of muscle, twist of body, it all.
A desire built in Her that transformed Her physically, as wings seem to vanish, garments fading, becoming earthly.
She slowly moves toward Him, Her eyes locked on His, His on Her's, souls seem to blend as if valcano's breath.
Gown drops to the dirt revealing beauty that can only be created by the most powerful Entity of all.
Amber seems to float from earth to watery bed and into the arms of Her one, Her damnation when They became One.
Childish day out in a world of fascination, wonder, sin, has only brought smiles to dark Lords, for now She has broken a sacred law.

Poetry by David W. Glavin
Read 761 times
Written on 2016-07-29 at 23:24

Tags Dark  Spiritual 

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