Part 4 : Betrayal

On earthly bed of grass and flowers, lay Angel and man, bodies intertwined, flesh feeding on flesh, speaking lyrics of a forever love.
Amber could not understand Father's need for rules and laws meant to keep Angels from being part of man's world, to love, admire and experience.
From mind of a child came words meant to show love and desire, but only sealed Her fate when She declared that She shall never leave.
Skies did explode with thunder, lightning, screams of banshee, black clouds swirling, opening as the keepers of laws did descend.
Angel and man rise as one, eyes looking upon hellish skies, fear clouding the Angel's face, what seemed to be joy lay upon the man's.
Then, man's flesh and bone began to twist, break and reform, devil's wings exploded from back, spreading, rising, falling, damned laugh rising from throat.
In hellish voice, demon does make Angel's heart bleed, as he tortures her with knowledge that his father had laid plan for him to feed on her grace.
Lifting in flight, demon child did share truth of the world of man with bewildered Angel, wich was, to love without knowledge makes You blind to the truth.
With horrid skreech and sickish laugh, demon child is gone, Angel child is lost, confused, numb and the keeper's of the law surround her.

Poetry by David W. Glavin
Read 782 times
Written on 2016-08-02 at 00:13

Tags Dark  Spiritual 

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