keep telling me its fake, how well does that seem to be working out?

It's from my head you see;

I'm spewing bile everywhere,

but its from my head you see.

I'm sick in ways they can't explain

and so I'm left insane.

The insanity running rampid

through the halls of my own mind

are nightmares you couldn't even dream.


The sun reminds me when its morn

yet my soul could care less

its become so torn.

The precious trinket

that kept my sanity was stolen

and they won't give it back.

Screaming for redemption in an iron room.


Praying someone

even a spirit should hear.

Infested with the harbinger

of troubled thoughts.

They laugh and taunt

and won't shut up.

I can't save myself when all i am

is lost in the smoke

of chaos and darkness

Poetry by montana
Read 357 times
Written on 2016-12-18 at 00:57

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