It's a poem about what unresolved, unexpressed issues do to a heart.



I am careful
yet I splash
some drops .
You jump
With a start.
"I am sorry " I say.

"There is a well
In my heart".

I try hard not
to scald.
Most days I can contain
the vitriol ,aim it right .
But some days
Aren't so bright
It spills into our lives.

Yet , I must throw
that it all out.

It stinks I suspect
of stagnant debris
of bitterness ,a broken
heart,pain and loss.
Ashes of broken trust,
Unexpressed past?

" I am sorry " I say
"I have a well to clean
and a soul to wash!"

Poetry by Seema
Read 666 times
Written on 2017-04-10 at 06:57

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Nancy Sikora
Souls are like kitchen sinks, no sooner do you get them clean then there is another dirty coffee mug and spoon.

Louise 55
I feel the words. Have a good day. <3 namaste.

I like this so very much. So much truth is said in such a clever way. A very good poem.

Life really hurts sometimes. And it's hard to get
over. God bless.