Somebody is calling Jesus
I saw him myself in her eyes
unbelievably strong
he was standing there
still able to change lives
Call it remembrance
call it a hoax
I saw what I saw
in that chosen one
Me I got guardian angels
don't know from who
or where
Again they came to my rescue
in my latest death of despair

I once was in Aleppo
the calling from the minaret
moved my heart
and my Islam mind
they still haven't got to yet
They called them liars
they called them names
I watch them try
to set their world in flames
Then spoke my guardian angels
whispering wisdom
to my ear
Talking softly of rescue
in our western death of despair

I am a drunk and a liar
a poet of humble gloom
I tried to shout
from the top of my lounges
in this Norway of padded rooms
Soon I will rest
with a smile I`ll go
what I'm doing here
I still don't know
I'll be told by my guardian angels
when my mission's
completed here
I am longing for their rescue
in my every death of despair

Poetry by PapaFahr The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 840 times
Written on 2017-04-16 at 14:02

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