Riverboat Research Trip

Day 1 - 22 May 2017

The boat is packed with about $4,000 worth of sophisticated testing equipment secured to the boards for stability. Rodney and Ted are my heavily armed guards and guides. They will guide me through the many estuaries of the Chihuahua River to the sweet water dolphins. Aris will be with me this first week and I am so happy he is. The situation is very intimidating and his company will be a calming effect for the first week while I get used to it. The boat is 34' long. Bigger than I expected. Besides the laboratory in the cabin, there is a tiny kitchen t will serve us well, as we plan to cook on the banks of the river most of the time. We also have a refrigerator and many gallons of potable water. We have a small toilet room but all bathing will be done in the river itself. I will learn how privacy will work but I believe the guards cannot let me out of their sight while I am in the river. This is different from my Amazon adventures. More sinister. I wish Aris could stay but he has responsibilities at the Observatory at Oxford U. that cannot be excused. Once we find the waters where the sweet water dolphins live, the pods, I will be very busy with testing of waters and dolphin studies. These are the pink river dolphins who are very reclusive and have been difficult to study. I am reluctant to dive as the river is full of caiman so I am hoping to do most of my research from the floating barge where I can be as close to the water and the fish without submerging. Tonight we sit on deck under an unseen moon and clouded skies. The sounds of the jungle surround us in darkness. the boat has a light to show us the way. There is light at the cabin. The air is cold and bugless, pleasant. Aris and I. A new experience.

Diary by Ashe
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Written on 2017-05-23 at 06:03

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