it is a short story

my peeping through the window

My peeping through the window

Junks of standing fan and empty stabilizers invited me to the scene.The scene was at the back of a very old mud house. From the right i could see a ladder been laid to rest on a small room without ceiling, at the back of it laid another group of junks with the combinations of the old model kdk version of standings fans, a dirty rug was resting on the fence and a perforate divided themostat flask added beauty to the right scene. A bag of empty rice was filled with a puffy substance which they all ran away from. Cooking utensil and pots occupy the middle belt of the back yard. Plastic and bowls facing the wall, beside it stood the stove, palm oil, garri and other food stuffs. The mother has started preparing the breakfast as at 9.30 am. The side of the house was rugged. It serves as the bathroom in the morn, the laundry in the afternoon, and the play ground in the evening. The children are happy especially when they get open. Their sisters mumur in satifaction. The mothers shouts at the sisters to come to the kicthen but they laugh as if it was a joke. I could see the garri turning into eba as the mother turned the uncertain pot. The children splashed water as they bath with amusement. As at 10.00 am the food was served. The soup looked delicious and watery. The family ate the food well. Minitues later the environment changed. It was turned into a laundry scence. The sisters brought mountain of clothes as the bathroom turned to a laundry. The younger ones fetched water from the well. The pail has rusted as it dangled in a delicated manner. The elders stoods on a stone (igneous one) to start washing. The clothes are very dirty and when it's inside the water the water gets infected.

Short story by kid
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Written on 2006-05-18 at 16:01

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