You will never know

You will never know

The pain that
Cramps my inner
The stone on my chest
You will never know.
My changing body,
My empty womb,
Nature's cruelty ,
end of my utility,
a full stop?
Menopause !
The night sweats,
The dark clouds ,
Tears abound,
Perspiration ,
Pain of evacuation!

You will only know
My dark moods ,
my aggression ,
my rebellion .

My refusal to cook,
when I disagree,
shine and gleam.
You will only know
A juggling woman
bereft of peace!

Why won't you see
a drowning woman
for breath?

Pain that spills
Onto poet's bay?

Poetry by Seema
Read 725 times
Written on 2017-05-31 at 03:21

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Ann Wood
Beautiful poem you make me crying well done

I like the way you have made a touching poem about menopause. So real and true and the contrast of how you feel and how others will perceive it. So true! Nicely rhymed too.

one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
The human condition, pain, all too often.

Ya, if no one gives a damn to listen,
this is the place to put it. Best wishes.