Our History

And I hope in the future
Tomorrow morning or
Two thousand years from now

We will go down in history
Seen as the greatest love of our era

I hope the sonnets of our
best and worst times
Are seen as perfect literature

I want others to be able to feel
You and me
With every turn of a page

I want us to last

Poetry by Bijou
Read 407 times
Written on 2017-08-16 at 06:51

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Write and write about that great love until it lives for eternity in your words as it does in your hearts. I love the intensity and beauty of the poem. A true sonnet, according to Robert.

Rob Graber
As a sonneteer, I am pleased that this thoughtful poem singles sonnets out as worthy of surviving for posterity--though I suspect "sonnets" is intended here in a very generic rather than formal sense.

Good wishes, for good years.