The feelings I feel

My eyes glistening a crystal blue
No one sees the darkness in me except you
My body shakes at your touch
This feeling I feel is too much
No one has herd my cries or seen my
Walking day to day as if he was watching from the corner

But no one sees that darkness in me except you

Why have you been sent to me, what is your goal?
Is it to reignite the fire in my soul?
Your whole being so perfect and pure
Me on the other hand so bitter and raw

Two spiritual warriors battling through this life
You take way my stress and my strife
The love you send to me I can't muster up
This feeling I feel is too much

Take me by the hand
Look into my eyes and see who I am
I can't offer you what you need
That darkness that grows inside of me
Is the only thing you will ever see

Poetry by DeeDee
Read 255 times
Written on 2017-08-17 at 17:44

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