For you Mr.B

Bonded by time

As I walk lucidly through my dreams
I go back to the time I was your queen
Every time I saw you, working at the stable
My body aching, willing and able

Able to handle the way that you love
Being able to tell you when it's too much

Your cold hungry and wet
But my smile made you forget
For hours we would laugh and talk
I'd help you with your work so we didn't get caught

Long black hair flowing against my face
My heart pounding under the lace
Your lips soft upon my skin
Kissing me where no one had been

Your body connected to mine
Found again through like of mind
Two souls who once loved but separated by time
Back together through the power of the divine

Poetry by DeeDee
Read 270 times
Written on 2017-08-19 at 09:02

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Young and tender memories to keep for a lifetime.
Nicely portrayed images.