The beast

She walked through life as simply as could be
But no one could see what was lurking underneath
Friends and family surrounded her
"What a strong girl"
"I idolise her"
But no one could see the monster growing inside of her
Years of living in regret
Her love living with reject
Pandora's box has been opened
The monster inside has woken
A connection to the divine
A direct calling line
Messages of what lies beneath
The secrets you have buried deep
She can take away the pain from your being
She will leave you with the humblest of feelings
But you would never know of the beast that resides inside of her

Poetry by DeeDee
Read 181 times
Written on 2017-08-24 at 15:33

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The beast may only be the way she protects herself from being hurt. True love and understanding has defeated many monsters. Allow the love and forgiveness to cure her.