An empty ocean

Alone with my thoughts, theycome in waves of emotions
Emptiness has taken over me, I'm drowning in its ocean
What it would feel like to be loved
Oh so long I have waited for your touch
Is it my figure or my soul too black
Is it a personality that I lack?
What is about me that is so unloveable
Since when did I become so disposable?
Swimming In this sea of loneliness no one can see my tears, no one knows my fears
For the girl who was never spoken to did not speak
She didn't whimper, nor did she sleep
I walk through this life with a heavy head on my shoulders
Too many questions gone unanswered
Filled with pain and sorrow
I dread getting up tomorrow
If I would be so lucky to sleep forever,
Would anyone notice my non existence endeavour?

Poetry by DeeDee
Read 223 times
Written on 2017-08-24 at 15:35

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The metaphor is as beautiful as it s sad. So well expressed!

Hollow with sadness, the title expresses the depth of feeling.