The fuck up

I warned that you that my head was too dark of a space to enter
I told you I'm a fuck up - right down to my centre
I warned you that I am broken
Emotionally and mentally, I'm a burden
I guess that's why everything is all about me
I have these impulsive tendencies
If I feel fear or doubt
I lash out
I won't hang about
I'll speak in the moment
These impulses make me this poet
I find it hard to say what I feel
So I write it down before the kill
I warned you that I am a fuck up
In my mind there is no letup
I told you I see things differently
Tis why I am eternally lonely

Poetry by DeeDee
Read 434 times
Written on 2017-11-14 at 19:54

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Mick Bean
Written from deep inside. Don't forget, we all have deep insides and you have let yours show. And what a show. Well constructed. Congratulations.