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If it shall be.


This life is a legacy
No matter how you view it
In those golden moments
But mostly when you're going through it
A new day is another chapter
To survive that day
Without stress
Is the key
As well, as the next day after

So if it shall be
Ones garbage is another mans treasure
The root of the laughter
Is another mans pleasure
But why
To show no pity
To see him cry
Life isn't so pretty in my eyes
Yet so beautiful on the flipside
Look Ma
No hands on this ride
To stand up
When I'm the only one who has pride
Maybe no guide
Or without drive
No one to confide
An imaginary bride

Although I got my own
Faults and greats
As you do too
Handfuls of mistakes
Not as many good

If this man loves again
Maybe I should say
Let myself at all
In fear that it would break
Then why
Put my soul through these escapades
When all this time
I planted my own barricades
In plans to escape
This unjust world
Giving to
Not yet
Finding an itch to relate
They all say,
"Wake up! God damn it!
And face this reality that surrounds you."
I just sit around and wait
Perhaps till the day
I'll know it's too late

And pity to this man
My own self
For when he cries
Because this man
My own self
Stood around to see
A mockery that he became
And I can't be so ignorant to ask
Where was everyone to help?
Because they were
I just wasn't there for myself.

Written by,
Brian Murphy

Poetry by Bian Mrphy
Read 1167 times
Written on 2006-05-23 at 14:43

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