A poem evaded me, so I wrote this, please forgive me... but it is all art, as you well know.

dusty glue

A row of old books on the top shelf caught my eye, I reached up and took the biggest one down. It was filthy with dust and mould, it carried the smell that most old books have, musty and in no way pleasant. The hardback book had a flowery cover and written on it was "Butterfly's Of The World" by L L OWEN in a fading blue. I opened it and the cover fell away allowing a piece of paper to drop to the floor. It was a two page letter and had been stuck inside the cover with glue. The glue had clearly turned to powder long ago, I could see where it had been stuck to the book. I slipped the letter back where it had come from and went to the counter. "That will be one pound then me dearie" the ageing lady told me. I left the charity shop and went home.
The letter had been written by a lady who signed herself off as Ruth and she had addressed it to MK.
I expected to read a love letter or perhaps illicit notes to an unknown person, but not this.
It named members of parliament and other people who's name would have been known throwout the celebrity world back in the 1930s. The writer was aboard a ship and was traveling with a man she called Phillip who she obviously didn't like. From the way the letter read Phillip was .... Hang on now reader, this was a private letter and here I am telling you about it. I think I better stop now. What you don't know won't bother you will it.

Poetry by Mick Bean
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Written on 2017-12-06 at 22:37

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Great story! We can each come up with our own endings. You have given me a great idea for a short story. Could I use the idea? Not your words? Let me know.