The weight of the stone above me is light,
Light in comparison to the weight of worry I had when alive,
Darkness surrounds me now,
But not as dark as my darkest days when alive,
I'm entombed now,
But not as enclosed as I was when alive,
I have just enough room to turn around,
But turning around when alive would have been unjust,
Six feet overhead I hear the sunshine and see the rain,
That makes me smile,
Now I rest forever.

Poetry by Mick Bean
Read 536 times
Written on 2017-12-31 at 01:38

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Yah, being under takes away the hopelessness,
pain, & misery. That's the nice thing about it.
Well done.

Your poems tend to be dark, and so is this one. However, you make being under seem rather pleasant and liberating. Liked it.