Ill: Kkc


Once in a while at some
random full moon
walking around in my Inner Space
thinking poetic thoughts
I sometimes happen to meet
David Bowie
By some strange ways we share
a small corner of a each others Inner Space

you think
but Inner Space has nothing to do
with astronauts rockets or stupid countries
imperialisticly racing to inhabit Mars and other
virgin territories
peaceful atmospheres never asking for the
pollution of mankind

This night
we where at cloud 29
where we happened to meet this time
watching the majestic starry night
trough the big window of
David's generous Inner Space

Suddenly the view was terribly disturbed
by a big rocket flying past us
carrying a Tesla car playing Bowie's song
"Starman" on repeat on the stereo
We could not hear it
but disturbingly sense it
A terrible moment in universe

Elon Musk I whispered with a shiver
What a shame
how could this happen
With what right could they use your song
to play on eternal repeat
commercializing a stupid project
polluting the galaxies
for just egocentric reasons
while people on earth
are constantly starving
in every meaning of the word

I don't know
David whispered back
his eyes teared up by sadness
I thought I could trust the people
I left behind
but I see now that greed got in their way
for their own inner space
I shall invite all good people
living and dead
to my Inner Space
and so must you
with our mind
we shall make that hideous rocket explode
and forever be silent

Of course it is impossible to be mad
when you are safe inside your Inner Space
but we could see the mindless little man
the poor Elon Musk
in his utterly lonely and confused human shape
and we sent him waves of corrective thoughts
maybe to heal a corner of his crippled mind
send him on a sudden holiday
down a trail of new expanding thoughts
that he never had before
like a LSD trip he never ever expected

Back again in my own less spacious Inner Space
I wish I had a voice to call upon people
for a joint Inner Space journey to David
together we could stop
the mocking of this Great Inner Space Master
put a stop to that Elonisian materialistic madness

But I am a poet of limited means
I have enough struggle
constantly defending my
own shrinking Inner Space
surrounded by racists
earthly patriotic movements
liberal populist and
so many other growing threats
to all alien human beings
who try to find peace and strength
from their personal Inner Space
But I will try my best

I can only pray to the Gods of my inner mind
hoping for Davids power in this fight
for the freedom of universe

Poetry by PapaFahr The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-02-07 at 11:03

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