Old Friend

When I met your brother yesterday
I rushed to him because I had to say
That I'd been thinking we must get in touch,
Our memories were haunting me so much.

Because I had not seen you in so long ,
It may be stupid but it felt so wrong
When he revealed to me that you had died,
I sat right down upon the ground and cried.

He looked at me, a strange look in his eyes,
A look of wonderment and of surprise,
That I should still be feeling so much pain.
But I'd kept hoping that we'd meet again,

Two old pals, with our memories still intact,
And sit at peace together, thinking back
To sunny days, and foolish games and fun
But now I have to think of them, alone.

You left us far too soon, my dear old friend:
Your hopes, your dreams have all come to an end,
But, I have hopes and dreams enough for two,
So when I dream, I'll dream a dream for you.

And when we live again, and live we must,
Though both our bodies had been turned to dust,
I'll make you laugh just as when we were young
I'll tell those dreams, and how you played along.

The passing time will have no meaning then,
We two shall not be parted, e'er again,
The loving friendship born when we were young
Will grow and grow and will be always strong.

Poetry by Marie Cadavieco The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 447 times
Written on 2018-05-10 at 18:19

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Jamsbo Rockda The PoetBay support member heart!
So sad and beautifully heartfelt.