Amazing Ant

When I woke this morning
I went into the kitchen
To survey the chaos
And met an ant.

We've had a few
Scouting, I think they were,
For sweet things.
Fat chance
In our kitchen
This week, anyway.

I crushed them.

But this one
Was carrying
A tiny piece
Of bread.

I got out my magnifying glass
And watched it.
Amazing, it must have chopped it up,
It was so tiny,
And it was holding it over its head
And making a getaway.

I was captivated
And fascinated,
Until I remembered
It would probably leave a scent trail
To my food cupboard.

A picture flashed into my head
Of millions of ants
Invading my home
And clearing out the

So I crushed it.

Sorry, ant.

Poetry by Marie Cadavieco The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 488 times
Written on 2018-05-11 at 10:44

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Kathy Lockhart
You were thoughtful. A woman must weigh her choices and make a thoughtful decision based on a thorough investigation into her options and the repercussions of her choices. You did that. Too bad the ant didn't have your options. If he had, you might have been crushed. So, you defended your home.
Well done in battle and in poetry. :)

An encounter between two worthy warriors. You weighed your options and took action. I admire the strength and determination of ants, but I would have done the same. I enjoyed this whimsical poem.