Rage! Rage!
At The Machine!
Rage! RAGE! - At Those!
Who work The Machine!
Those who create - THE WARS!
Who take from YOU
The wherefore all - your children
Tax - you to pay - for what kills your - kith and kin!
To pay for there creations of war
From You!
There wars - that they march YOU off to
DIE - and KILL in!
Those who die and kill - would be friends
Rage at those - undermine - normality!
Go take a look at Northan France - Belgium!
Look at the war cemeteries - read the names
Note the ages!
Close by - note - other cemeteries - of other wars!
Go walk around Arlington - The Garden Of Stones!
Look again at the dead laying there - names and ages!
Take note!
Take a world tour of The World War Cemeteries!
War Cemeteries - always - vacancies!
Bankers - looking for investments!
Easy profits - wars - always - turn a - profit!
Fools - always - available - to put on uniforms!
March of to kill and die - in those - wars!
Nightmared up!
By the Bankers - the Armament Industrialists - Financiers!
Profiteers - one and - all!
Civilians - none combatants - get in the way - die - and all that!

And it is still all happening!
No ending of all of THAT - in sight!

ken d williams

The Dyslexic Wordsmith

Poetry by ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-05-23 at 11:26

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There was a time when we believed that wars were fought to keep us safe, but now it seems so different. They are fought for all the wrong reasons, for money, for raising the prestige of a President (US) who is in deep trouble for his incompetence and greed. So many people admire a war President--don't ask me why? I hate wars and the killing of our best and young and strongest. Our future! And causing so much pain and destruction to the innocents. I am with you: NO MORE WARS!