It has been a long time
since it rained
and it is getting harder now to remember
lonely nights and the painful days
the new sunshine has dulled the enormity
and the significance of my past.
the stars do no remind me
of twinkling light from lingering tears
cold winds do not make me long
for her warm touch
the smell of fresh brew
do not reminisce of her
long sweet conversations.
The sparkle in the watery ways
do not speak anymore of her eyes.

For some these are signs
and moments,
to start afresh
To me, however
they bear the sad news.
that our world has indeed.

Ceased to exist.

Poetry by sagi
Read 287 times
Written on 2018-05-26 at 21:49

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How your own words and descriptions betray the end of the existence of her in your life. This is so full of feeling and longing and acceptance of the reality that the pain comes through. Maybe not so much pain at this time, but the emptiness, a hole left in the heart. A simply beautiful and touching poem.