She stood there
lost, lifeless, silent
a glaring contrast
to her old powerful self
The decision she took,
whilst proud of her bold wit,
to a road less traveled
and rarely threaded path
had lead to one bottomless pit
She remembered
as she reminisced,
a crowd
at the start of the journey
and some faces, she missed
sometime ,somewhere in between.
She didn't look around
or searched for comfort
as she took a deep breath
tired but determined,

It was time to walk again
and win.

Poetry by sagi
Read 274 times
Written on 2018-06-17 at 12:07

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It seems like a very courageous act to me. There is much not said which leaves the reader to use their imagination. The title intrigues me as if it were the events of her past and now she is at rest. A thought-provoking poem which I enjoyed reading. At the end, I am left with the sense of this person, a sense of purpose and courage, and of age perhaps. The contrast of her past and her present.