For me

Do not risk something for me
Its a plunge into the shallows,
A walk into the narrows,
An arduous journey in vein
Not that i wont wait on the other side
My love, But I may be not
what you seek,
But I may be not where you stop

Do not leave something for me,
You may open to the cold truth,
Far from the vivid dreams,
That dragged you to find me
Not that I wont color your dreams
And muse your heart, my dear
But a splash of rain
May wash it away, a moment
In time, shall blase your heart

Whatever I do, to bring you
Back the things you lost to have
Come to me, my love,
I might fail you again and lose you again,
Not that I won't give everything I've got,
But what If I find, its not quiet enough,
To bring you back the happiness you've lost.
Do not risk for me, do not leave for me,
For I am always your love that is perfect from far.

Poetry by Bunny
Read 584 times
Written on 2018-07-08 at 12:31

Tags Love 

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